Gender Pay Gap

Summary Report

Companies with over 250 employees are required to report on an annual basis, their gender pay gap. This page conveys The Hotel Folk’s results against the set of requested criteria.

Gender Pay Gap 2020/21 


The Hotel Folk are committed to ensuring equal pay between women and men for equal work, this also includes equality in all contractual terms and benefits.  We believe this is our moral obligation as well as ensuring we comply with the Equality Act 2010.  We pay fairly based on the Company’s business performance and market conditions.

Our hotels were closed from 20th March 2020 due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, this has affected the reportable data.  Our hourly paid employees were paid on 24th April 2020 for hours worked from 16th March to 12th April 2020, as this includes the required snapshot date of 5th April 2020, their hours were used for these calculations, furlough payments from 20th March to 12th April were paid separately on 5th May 2020. Our salaried employees in April 2020 received furlough pay for that calendar month and furlough pay is not reportable.

Our results as at 5th April 2020 are therefore:

Mean Gender Pay Gap this is a comparison of the average hourly rate of pay for men compared to the average hourly rate of women.  This snapshot date the figure is -2.03%.  This means that the average hourly rate for men is 2.03% lower than the average hourly rate for women. The reason for this is that we have more higher paid “hourly paid” women than men.

Median Pay Gap this shows the difference in the middle hourly rate figure when comparing men and women. Ours is 0%. The middle rate for men and women is the same.

Comparing bonus payments, where a bonus is regarded as any payment related to profit sharing, productivity, performance, incentive or commission, e.g., tips, employee of the quarter awards, long service etc.

Mean Bonus Pay Gap is 21.04%

Median Bonus Pay Gap is 37.14%

Males receiving a bonus 93.13%

Females receiving a bonus 94.56%

Quartile Distribution Men and women were sorted using the whole year bonus payment amounts then divided into 4 equal quartiles, the percentage of men and women in each quartile is shown below:

Lower Quartile                                42% men / 58% women

Lower Middle Quartile                  37% men / 63% women

Upper Middle Quartile                  26% men / 74% women

Upper Quartile                                55% men / 45% women


Pay Gap

Our mean gender pay gap has improved year on year since 2017, decreasing from 14.7% in 2017 to 9.3% as at April 2019.  This year’s figure of -2.03% may not be a true reflection as over half the workforce were not required to be recorded in the calculations.  Our median pay gap shows we pay men and women equally.

We continue to work hard on our recruitment and retention plans to ensure we recruit and retain skilled employees and pay a fair rate to the best available person for the role.  The percentiles show that of our hourly paid employees we have more women progressing to higher paid roles. 

All our roles have the same pay structure regardless of gender.


Bonus Pay Gap

These figures are a review of the bonus payments for all our employees for the year up to 5th April 2020.  Hotel Managers and Head office employees do not receive a share of any gratuities received by the Company, however, some have received long service awards.  The percentages listed account for these variations. (10 women and 9 men).

The median bonus gap percentage has increased due to a larger number of men than women reaching their long service award dates prior to 5th April 2020. We are generous in all our benefits and especially our long service bonus payments.


Quartile Distribution

The Hotel Folk are committed to the progression of female employees internally and ensuring there are no barriers to female candidates being appointed into senior roles. We aim to employ and allow the progression of the best available person for the role, at any given time irrespective of gender.

Agreed by Mr David Scott, Chief Executive Officer, September 2021