Weavers’ House Spa Director and Spa Guru Alex Hurt shares the ‘Re-Invention’ of spa-aaahhhing

Welcome back, what a journey we have all been on! From deep cleaning, to repainting, baking (banana bread has never been so popular), dressing up for grocery shopping or indeed not getting dressed at all, how have you faired?

For many this has been a time of anxiety, fear and loss with the last four months passing in a dreamlike haze. The complexities of being locked-in at home and enjoying the time to do the things we never could, in contrast with the sheer magnitude of a global pandemic, has left us all stumped on how we should feel.

The one lesson we have all learnt is to live with less; if you have the basics covered, you’re sorted. Life is simpler this way, more authentic. For those living alone, and those with a house full, how we have missed the tranquillity of spa. Those melodic sounds, the stillness, the touch, now more than ever a luxury to be savoured.

As we slowly gain momentum re-introducing ourselves to society, we can see it has changed. When thinking through the spa experience, we have considered how you may feel. We have designed an exclusive spa treatment selection to ease you out of lockdown, combining some of our most popular experiences into 90-minute treatments. By staggering spa bookings, along with a longer service, your spa time will feel indulgent, exclusive and most of all safe.

We ask that you wear a mask to visit the spa, and that’s where your thinking ends, as you allow us to take care of everything else. Upon an earlier arrival we provide a handwashing ritual for you, before you change and shower. For hygiene purposes your chilled smoothie and post treatment tea are now served in disposable (biodegradable) paper cups. Your consultation is completed digitally prior to your appointment, so there’s a smoother system to get you into your treatment.

Fully chilled out and ready to take your tension, our therapists have additional time before and after your treatments to clean your treatment room. They will be wearing a visor throughout, along with a disposable apron and a giant welcome back smile… oh and bringing all those little spa refreshments you love!

We’ve got it covered so you can find something on our NEW spa menu that will be the relaxation recipe for you. Our most popular treatment has been ‘The Recovery’. It really delivers on its name, and in the words of one of our first clients back to the spa “It feels like a hug”. “Good - that’s what it’s meant to feel like”, was our answer.

This 90-minute soothing aroma-therapeutic treat is ideal for those who are feeling overwhelmed and in need of some TLC. The treatment begins with palm pressures over the back of your body, stretching out those muscles and working on your pressure points gently to relieve stress. Next comes a soothing foot massage to ground your senses using a cooling and revitalising gel to tingle away tension, then we sweep over your legs to the back, neck and shoulders ironing out any knots. Your spa time concludes with a tranquil scalp massage - aaahhhh bliss!

There are eight treatments to choose from on our new Re-Invention Menu plus a further three for when we are given the green light to work on the face. Our spa, your safe haven, has a one-way system to ensure you don’t bump into others and a bookable 30-minute timeframe to use the outdoor vitality pool. For the time being, our steam and sauna remain closed.

Although life has changed, our mantra hasn’t. We are still your home from home, and we are truly thankful to have survived and be back to making you feel amazing again. We realise that spa is a luxury for many, but if you can’t treat yourself or someone else now - when can you?

To schedule your spa time, visit our new Re-Invention Menu

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or call us on 01787 246 246; all treatments and pool time MUST be booked in advance and remember to take a look at our welcome home message. We look forward to welcoming you back soon.