"Breakfast for the soul" by Weavers' House Spa Director, Alex Hurt

Today I had the pleasure of sharing a memorable morning with some pretty amazing women. It was the first of many of our Wellness Series with Lizzie Falconer - Ladies Who Brunch. Lizzie had spoken very passionately about there being something very special about getting a group of women together, and I must agree, this morning it really felt like with the support of one another we can accomplish anything (SOOO glad we decided to do it). There were friends old and new, singletons, mothers, grandmothers and business women, and the one thing we all had in common was a love for making others feel better.

The importance of being kind to your mind, along with one another seems to have surfaced in the last week. Although, this is something that I believe we all should live by, kindness costs us nothing, yet can mean so much.

Our series of Wellness Events in 2020 will be focused on supporting one another, finding friends, sharing our experiences and learning from some inspirational guest women speakers from East Anglia and beyond. Wellness, mindfulness, meditation, are all key words banded around, but in reality it’s all being aware of self-care.

So, you don’t need to be dressed in Lycra, a tie die t-shirt or chant with a patchouli incense stick to attend any of our events, you simply need to book in advance and turn up on the day. After our first brunch today, I truly believe there is something special starting here, I urge you to come and see what it’s all about, and bring a friend too. You’ll love it and leave with a fuzzy warm feeling.

Our next Ladies Who Brunch is on Thursday 19th March, tickets are available on our events page under ‘book now’. Included is a healthy brunch, tea, coffee all hosted by Lizzie Falconer with prize draws, guest speakers and a whole lotta love! Not to be missed - and it really is breakfast for the soul.

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