Here at The Brudenell, our seafood calendar for September is the month of the Oyster. Here we share our favourite facts about these mysterious molluscs:

Not all oysters make pearls

Pearls come from pearl oysters which are known as Pinctada. These are found deep in the ocean and not near the surface like the more common oysters that are used in most restaurants. So sadly there’s very little chance of you finding a pearl in with your lunch!

Oysters have lots of health benefits

Oysters are packed with lots of nutritional benefits. Just one So all in all it’s a pretty tasty and nutritious food.

Oysters taste better in winter

Yes that’s an actual fact! This is because during the winter, the water in which the oysters live is colder which makes it the ideal habitat for the oysters to thrive. Therefore autumn and winter are the perfect months to harvest and eat oysters.

Oysters really are an aphrodisiac!

They say that Casanova, the famous French womanizer, used to eat 50 oysters a day! Whilst there is no scientific evidence to suggest that oysters are an aphrodisiac, they do contain high levels of zinc which aids the production of testosterone – so maybe there is something in the myth!

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